tells you everything you need to know to run better - in real time.

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Every year runners spend millions on coaches, clinics and equipment to help them run better.

Technique can still be greatly improved - and as many as 80% of runners are injured every year.

To improve, and reduce injury, runners need
real time
feedback on how they actually move.

What is Two things...

A smartphone app

The smartphone app talks to your sensor and acts
as your dashboard. This is where you will configure live audio feedback, track your metrics, and configure your

A wearable sensor

The sensor lives in your shoe and tracks your movements and foot strikes as you run.

What will the system do?

  • Heel vs. toe strikes
  • Pronation/ Supination
  • Cadence
  • Stride length
  • Give you live audio feedback
  • Excessive heel striking while running is the one of the leading causes of injury among runners.
  • Excessive ankle rolling can lead to pain and injuries.
  • Most people run faster having a quick cycling of strides.
  • Some people prefer to keep cadence consistent and modify stride length to change pace
  • gives you actionable feedback while you run so you can improve.

" definitely has the potential to be a game changer."

- Mischa Harris, MSc, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach @ Olympic Oval

The Team

We are actively looking for talented iOS developers and wireless engineers to join our team.

Moving better matters was born in Vancouver, BC in early spring 2012 from the simple idea that better movement can help runners perform better, get hurt less, and feel great while out jogging.

We believe that technique - how you actually move - matters tremendously. It matters because good technique can improve performance and make running fun again. It also matters because bad technique, such as excessive heel striking, often leads to injury.

We know that to improve something you need a steady stream of personalized advice and feedback. You need someone to watch how you are actually moving and suggest ways to improve, like a good coach. does just that. It measures and understands your movement using wearable sensors and gives you live feedback on your technique so you can improve.

Here is what we have done so far...

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LeWeb Pitch

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